As an international Ph.D. student who constantly needs to write for research publications, theses, scholarship applications, and job applications, Keshav's service is very helpful and affordable with high-quality output. I also learned a lot about writing from his detailed comments.
Yuchan Dong
Ph.D. Student, University of Toronto
Keshav is a fantastic proofreader and editor with an eye for detail. He not only corrects grammar mistakes but also seeks to find inconsistencies in style. His proof suggestions are wise as well as detailed, increasing the impact of the writing. I would highly recommend Keshav if you want professional, fast, and efficient service.
Otavio Dias
Ph.D. Student, University of Toronto
Keshav has provided excellent and timely proofreading services for all my manuscripts.
Lu Wang
Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of Toronto
Keshav did a great job helping me by editing my PhD thesis at University of Toronto. He is very hardworking, organized and talented. He is wonderful to work with, and I am looking forward to asking him to edit my future papers
Nasim Ramezani
Laboratory Analyst, AGAT Laboratories
With only hours before the deadline, Keshav edited my paper in no time at all. I was very impressed by his attention to detail.
Benjamin Currie
Student, Mount Allison University
Keshav is a highly capable and keen-eyed editor. He has done solid work bringing my students’ papers to good shape for publishing. If you want someone who understands the level of perfection academic writing needs, Keshav is the right person to execute it professionally.
Mohini Sain
Professor, University of Toronto
Keshav did an amazing job editing and proofreading my research paper. His English is impeccable, and his attention to detail definitely gave my paper a polished and professional touch. Thanks to Keshav, I was able to get my paper noticed and appreciated by highly competitive journals. I strongly recommend Keshav's proofreading and editing work!
Antimo Graziano
Post-Doctoral Fellow, Carleton University
Keshav is a skilled editor and a man of character. He goes above and beyond in both his work and his friendships, and is driven by a true love of language. He is thorough, fair minded, and sensitive to context, which comes across in his work. Most importantly, working with him is always a pleasant affair, and benefits both parties. I've recommended his services before, and I intend to continue recommending him.
Shekhar Dewan
Data Scientist, Patriot One Technologies
Keshav is a highly experienced and detail-oriented editor. I can’t recommend him enough, having worked with him on multiple manuscripts. His commitment to detail, invaluable insight, and approachable style made the (oftentimes onerous) editing process exceptionally pleasant.
Athan T.
Ph.D. Student, University of Toronto
Keshav's proofreading and editing service is very good. Communication is clear. His remarks and suggestions are as good as they can be. Finishing on time is one of his best points. His patience, detail-orientedness and knowledge make for good reasons to work with him. I would definitely recommend Keshav to anyone who needs proofreading and editing.
Viktoriya P.
Student, University of Toronto