About the Editor

I’m Keshav. As an English graduate from the University of Toronto, I’ve worked professionally as a proofreader & editor since 2017. I’ve proofread published books, news articles and more papers and theses than I can count.


I’ve loved the English language and the art of writing for as long as I can remember. Proofreading and editing to me was an opportunity to help create beautiful, effective writing and—let’s face it—act like a smartass correcting people’s grammar and get paid for it. But, working with such intelligent and thoughtful writers helped me understand why polished writing isn’t just beautiful; it’s vital.


You may wonder why your writing needs to be so perfect: not one hyphen missing, not one colon used incorrectly, not one spelling error to be found. Wouldn’t your reader understand what you meant anyway? You’d be surprised at how bad grammar can twist your meaning, but for the most part, you are right. Your reader will probably understand you. But it’ll take effort, they’ll be irritated, and when you write something important, they’ll be distracted. If instead of paying attention to what you’re saying, they’re focusing on how you’re saying it, you will never connect with them as a writer.


Your publishers or professors don’t demand perfect grammar from you just to antagonize you or have an excuse to give you a bad grade. They understand that if your writing is clean, professional and beautiful, it is then that you’ll earn your reader’s trust and they’ll be persuaded by your ideas. To write that way, you can choose to work with an editor who has not only mastered this language, but also appreciates the value of your ideas. Not only would I love to work with you, I’d love to listen to what you have to say.